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Meet Marsha Hebert

THANK YOU. I hope as you read, you will feel inspired by my recipes to help you Eat For Life!

My mission: to develop delicious, nutritious, gluten-free, dairy-free, cornstarch-free, and yeast-free recipes; create meals in minutes that support a healthier, happier you. Find Eat For Life By Marsha recipes in my magazines, cookbooks, on website, and social media.

My passion for cooking and baking has its roots in my Jamaican childhood, helping my mom to cook delicious and nutritious meals made from whole foods in her home-based restaurant. When I came to Canada at age 12, cooking with whole foods continued with my Stepmom, who is Portuguese. This included lots of seafood and the opportunity to learn about Portuguese cuisine. I was diagnosed with anemia, suffered with gut issues, acne, depression, anxiety, and increased body fat for many years. I was unaware I had food intolerances with gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, and cornstarch.

When I became a mother in 1991, my daughter had developed issues due to my lack of proper nutrition. I wanted to be there for my child, and to find healthy ways to improve my daughter’s cognitive ability. It was difficult to find budget¬-friendly, nutritious, and convenient ready-made foods, so I returned to cooking the way I did growing up in Jamaica, and with my stepmom - using mostly natural foods. Later, I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and completed the Fundamentals of Nutrition. I am currently pursuing certification to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

I am fully committed to creating recipes that improve our health and increase nutrient-rich foods in our daily meals.

I believe that what we eat should make us healthier and happier.

From my kitchen to yours, let us Eat For life!

Marsha Hebert
Recipe Creator, Author, Publisher