Snackalicious PRIDE Vegan Almond Recipe Pack

Snackalicious PRIDE Vegan Almond Recipe Pack

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November is World Vegan Month and You can celebrate with the Vegan Recipe Card Pack using Cassava Flour or Almond Flour.

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This Pride Vegan Almond Pack will get you started making nutritious, delicious, gluten-free and dairy-free Snackalicious treats.

1. Recipe Cards as shown (3)
- nutrient information
- dietary preference
- visual step-by-step instructions

2. Ingredients as shown (2)
- *Healthy Flours
- Almond Flour (Grain-Free)
- Baking Powder

3. Curated Kitchen Gadgets (1)
Round Cookie Cutter, use it to make cookies, mini pizzas, scones or biscuits

Find more recipes that use the Snackalicious Pack ingredients on the Eat For Life By Marsha website and social media.