EFLBM Magazine March - April 2022

Eat For Life By Marsha


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Eat for Life by Marsha Magazine is in a class of its own - it is the first Canadian magazine that features gluten-free AND dairy-free step-by-step recipes.

As a Canadian publisher in food and wellness, we are bringing this one-of-a-kind magazine, where you will find fun facts about foods around the world, tips and tricks to home entertaining and balanced lifestyle, over a dozen of tested recipes, and celebrations of the month to enjoy nutritious and delicious food that you can easily make at home! In every issue, you will find nutrition tips and what it means to eat nutritiously - not just “healthy”! Through every page, our mantra is “edutainment” keeping you informed through fun entertaining reads. 

In the March-April issue, among many celebrations for Spring, we have special features for…

International Women’s Day (Mar) featuring Canadian Women in Food and Foodpreneur Lab, who are driven to nurture and support women entrepreneurs; included are many other female-owned brands from our online pantry store. See what advice and thoughtful tips they give for new female business owners!

St. Patrick’s Day / Irish Food Day (Mar) featuring The Irish Cultural Association of Calgary, who provided a vibrant and resourceful insight into Irish culture and traditional food

Easter (April) featuring GoodumsTM, who is an old friend from our last two issues, Jan-Feb New Year and Nov-Dec Holiday issue, where we featured their Raspberry Chocolate Cookie Mix. This time, we outdid ourselves to bring two special treats for your brunch buffet table! Watch how we turn the Carrot Cookie Mix into muffins and cookies for your family! 

Rice Ball (Onigiri) Day (April) featuring the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center. We will be showcasing some super-easy kids-friendly rice balls that you can roll up with your kids - perfect for a spring field trip or cherry blossom viewing!